A New Nirvana in NoHo

Bohemian is a Japanese restaurant & bar hidden behind the Japan Premium Beef butcher shop (which is where the restaurant gets all of its meat). This same building was once home to Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Sounds cool, right? Well, it isn’t open to the public. New guests must be introduced by Bohemian’s existing patrons to obtain it’s secret phone number.

Now, for the food. Most of these trendy NYC restaurants are overrated. The hype gives you too high of expectations, but not at Bohemian. The food is as good as the story behind it.

Bohemian mac & cheese with tomato butter toast is a must order. The mac made that  squishing noise we all hate, yet love because we know it’s going to be cheesy as ever. The toast was new to me. It tasted like a fancy take on grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Washu-beef tartare with blue cheese toast tasted like a perfectly raw slider. The toast lent a perfect crunch to the soft consistency of the washu-beef.

Double smoked bacon with creamed mashed potatoes and honey toast was thick and sweet, just how we like it. It tasted a little bit like honey baked ham, which I was not upset about.

Assorted Japanese mushroom risotto with arugula and parmigiano cheese was perfectly creamy. The mixed mushrooms gave a savory taste in each bite.

One Reply to “A New Nirvana in NoHo”

  1. May I get the phone number I am visiting NYC jan 11th-15th and I am a huge fan of these artists and your restaurant suggestions!


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