Dreams Dough Come True

Here’s the scoop…

 Cookie Dough Confections just made the village a little sweeter. The new “DŌ headquarters” is filled with neon signs, polka dot walls, pink, pink and did I mention more pink?

The DŌ HQ has been very busy serving up their 16 flavors of DŌlicious and ready-to-eat cookie dough! Luckily the long line gives you plenty of time to make a decision… until you’re face to face with all of the flavors and impulsively go with your gut. I blurted out “cake batter, please” (manners are KEY). Suddenly, there it was, a freaking PINK ice cream cone. Get a cone or go home, am I right? A few moments later my perfectly scooped cake batter cookie dough ball appeared in a perfect pink cone.

It was love at first bite. I’ve been eating  raw chocolate chip cookie dough for years, but this cake batter flavor changed the game (especially since this one is actually safe to eat). One scoop is definitely enough to satisfy even the Cookie Monster.

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