Coffee Break in Tampa

The Oxford Exchange is the most instagrammable coffeehouse in Tampa. It resembles a modern library from its high ceilings to its black and white tiled floors. The rustic furniture and botanical dining area catch the daylight (and rainbows) perfectly.


The restaurant has menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea. From the brunch menu, I chose the chicken burger and the soppressata flatbread.

The chicken burger is topped with avocado, jalapeño, tomato, feta, cumin aioli all between a toasted bun. The creamy avocado slices mixed great with the feta cheese. Pair it with the crispy sweet potato fries. Don’t forget to ask for the paprika aioli, a great alternative to ketchup!

The soppressata flatbread is covered with a tomato spread, marinated onions, burrata cheese, pickled chilies and Florida honey drizzle. The OE restaurant put a sweet twist on this typically savory dish.


Afterwards, check out the shop and the bookstore

The Bookstore at Oxford Exchange says it is dedicated to the beauty of the physical book. Its collection includes a variety of leather bound classics to new releases and best sellers.

The Shop at OE satisfies the curious traveler. This lifestyle shop sells everything you would find on a traveler’s ultimate wish list. The little anthropologie-like trinkets are my favorite. I’ll splurge on gifty items like notepads, coffee table books and candles. I fell in love with some of the modern homeware below:

Restaurant Diary

Brass Wire Basket

Matcha: A Lifestyle Guide

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