Chicago Blew Me Away

I never thought I’d say this, but Chicago is onto something when it comes to food. Call something “Chicago-style” and I’ll take one, please (who am I kidding, I’m definitely coming back for seconds).

Yuzu is the BYOB sushi spot I never knew I needed. The jumbo rolls come decorated with a rainbow of sauces. I love art. I love sushi. Combine the two, and I’m yours. Did I mention the jumbo rolls have names like “Boy Meets World”, “Born to Chill” and “Breaking Bad?” I got the “Dragon Ball” roll with shrimp tempura, cucumber, spicy mayo topped with avocado and sweet soy sauce. The “Salmon to Die For” lived up to its name with fatty salmon, ponzu sauce, salmon roe and gold flakes. Basically, this place is awesome.


Lou Malnati’s is serving up Chicago-style, deep-dish dankness. Trust me, you want to bite into the famous thick layers of sauce and butter crust. (Still loyal to my NY pizzerias though).

Portillo’s, another popular tourist destination, but still a must-visit. I’d say it’s the Chicagoan’s version of a west coaster’s In-N-Out (how dare I compare the two)! I really liked the little rhyme they sang when your number is called – “Order number 6, come take your Instagram pics!” Anyway, back to the food. Whether you order a regular hot dog or upgrade to a chili cheese dog, you will always want more. Don’t forget to order the crinkle cut fries.

xx Gal Fieri

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