In the NoLiTa

There’s nowhere like NoLiTa… You’ve probably come here hungry to fulfill more of your NYC food fantasies. Here are some hot tips to go along with this heat wave.

WARM transports you to those LA vacations you so dearly miss after hopping out of a neck-breaking taxi ride in NYC. Tell your driver to take you to the corner of Kenmare and Mott, and keep your wallet out. This boho-chic space is filled with Kitsonesque (miss it dearly) brands. Splurge on their warmly-curated vintage dresses, surf books and French lingerie. Need I say more?



Happy Bones is full of creativity and caffeine. Take a seat, flip through some unique publications and maybe even splurge on a $12 tortoise shell spoon for some pics (you know I did). By the way, once it cools down in this hot city their hot chocolate is a must.



Cha Cha Matcha is not only an Instagram sensation that we all know and love, but an Instagram sensation that actually tastes as good as it looks. If you like matcha, then this place is a matcha made in heaven for you. You can’t go wrong with the classic matcha made with Japanese green tea leaves. If you’re not hopping on the matcha trend, ride The Wave — a mix of collagen, blue algae + aloe.



Project Cozy offers chill vibes with hip-hop influence for your daily coffee break or your maybe not-so-routine coffee date from Hinge. Sit back and relax with your favorite coffee + tea choice, or take the health-kick route and treat yourself to a juice or smoothie. Bibble and Sip offers a creative selection of pastries here, too.



DEZ is a new middle-eastern inspired desert getaway. Regulars would say, myself included, that the seeds + veg salad or the shawarma burger are a must-order. The beet hummus is also an Instagram fan favorite. If you’re eating out and craving some hummus, then it is best served pink from DEZ.



Seamores was born from the master behind The Meatball Shop. The bright space with a menu to match instantly brings you to warm weather thoughts. The light seafood dishes from poke to fish tacos are reminiscent of ordering food service on your beachside vacation.



La Esquina is THE corner hotspot. Outdoor seating, tacos and the view down Kenmare is all this restaurant needed to remain so popular for the past decade. Even if you haven’t seen photos of the food, I guarantee you’ve seen some fashion influencer posing in front of the neon sign that reads “the Corner.”



Pasquale Jones is one modern Italian spot with wood-fired Neopolitan pizza that never disappoints. If you ever need a break from your favorite, fast PSP slice, walk a couple blocks further to this place. Keep it simple with the Margherita Pizza for thin crust with fresh San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella that tastes straight out of Naples.



…and just a hop, skip and a jump away…

Chillhouse is a must for any NYC girl. This vegan coffee house / spa offers everything from turmeric lattes to nail art to CBD massages. Book your chill ASAP.



Sel Rrose must be the place for minimalist-loving, oyster-eating happy hour go-ers. Their chic drinks and tasty small plates are on point just like their pink doorway. *Cue photoshoot*




xx Gal Fieri

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