Le Goûter of Gainesville

Alpin is inspired by all things French. It cherishes the “les joies de vivre” from French food, to wine and beer, to arts and culture. You would never believe this French bistro is in the heart of Downtown Gainesville. The relaxed interior reminds me of the 6th Arrondissement of Paris, and the menu offers a taste to match. The small plates and large drink selection are the perfect recipe for a Parisian night with friends.


Looking to indulge in the new trend of charcuterie? Start with the L’Alsacien Cheese Plate for a spread of german style salami and french brie cheese served with fruit, old fashioned mustard and French bread.


The Camembert of Normandy is a skillet filled with chopped apples under a warm Normandy brie which is topped with onions. Cut the cheese wheel open to reveal the melted cheese and spread it on the French bread. Remember to ask for honey on the side! La fin… the Escargots! I owe my first taste of this classic French dish to Alpin. Think of it as having a similar consistency to oysters and mussels, except the French snails are covered in parsley and garlic butter to almost mask the consistency that most people dislike.



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