Here, There & Everywhere Under the Tuscan Sun

Summer is for getaways. The first half of mine was all about Italia…


San Marco was home away from home. In one weekend, I managed to hit this spot three times. It’s rustic interior resembled Lilia of Williamsburg. Although I enjoyed the large variety of pizzas, I enjoyed the red pepper infused olive oil more. Once I discovered I could use this olive oil on everything, there was no crust left behind.


Hosteria Del Moro da Tony is home of the best chicken parmesan in Italy. Overflowing with melty cheese, the dish literally sits bubbling in front of you. When in Rome, you must go here!


Freni e Frizioni Trastevere should be your final stop of the night. This old firehouse turned bar has the coolest vibes along the river. Modern art, chandeliers, and artistic cocktails… count me in! To drink a true work of art, order the Passion drink.



Taverna del Capitano served local seafood in Vernazza. We started with the fried fish plate, which included fresh, flash fried calamari, anchovies, and prawns. Their whole prawns served with gnocchi and zucchini was a perfect seaside dish. The gnocchi tasted light and airy, making it perfect for lunch.



Trattoria de Emilia is a local seaside restaurant in Sorrento serving freshly caught seafood, my favorite being spaghetti with clams. The noodles came out steaming, covered with fresh clams in a buttery sauce. The spot seemed to be popular among the locals and well worth the long wait for a table.


There was no shortage of granitas in Capri. The icy lemon and orange juice slushies are made fresh from the juicy lemons of Capri, and you often have the option to add vodka. There was nothing more refreshing than sipping on a granita while walking around the island.


In Positano, we visited the Palazzo Murat hotel for lunch. This Michelin rated restaurant had a gorgeous atmosphere surrounded by plants and lemon trees. Since we were on the Amalfi coast, the linguini with clams was a must and a truly unforgettable dish!



Harry’s Bar opened in 1931 by bartender Giuseppe Cipriani and became a local spot frequented by Ernest Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, and Woody Allen, to name some. It is home of both the Bellini and Carpaccio, originating under the Cipriani name in Venice. This Bellini was the best I’ve ever had — a perfect mixture of white peach juice and prosecco which lived up to its name.

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