Taco Tuesday

Started out at Tacombi, ended up at Bodega Negra.

TACOMBI I don’t know what to taco ’bout first, the food or the aesthetics of this place. The authenticity of Tacombi in Flatiron sets the mood for a real taqueria experience. Their on-site tortilleria had me convinced I’d just hopped off a plane in Mexico City. Guacamole is always a must, and theirs was freshly made to perfection — creamy with not too much onion. The corn esquites, served in a cup and perfect to share, tasted like true Mexican street food. This snack is cut off the perfectly-grilled cob, mixed with chipotle mayo, cotija cheese, chile powder, and served with a lime wedge. Now, for some taco talk…

  • Baja Crispy Fish is everything you’d expect from a baja style fish taco. It was beer battered with a hint of lemon, but some heat was missing. For a quick fix, add some of their Vista Hermosa hot sauce (try the Árbol sauce if you can take the heat).
  • Al Pastor has the perfect contrast in flavor with fresh pork, pineapple, and onion.
  • Acapulco Shrimp has a bite to it. The salsa and marinated cauliflower make for a delicious spicy shrimp taco.
  • Black Bean & Sweet Potato is a welcomed sweet change from the expected spices of most other tacos. The two ingredients compliment each other perfectly.
  • Huevos con Chorizo is eggcellent. The fiesta in my mouth was full of savory flavor from the chorizo and the eggs.


BODEGA NEGRA First off, this upscale cantina is located in the Dream Hotel. Its dark ambiance, Tudor decor, and vintage art makes for an eclectic dining experience. I headed to Chelsea to meet a man for a night cap, his name was Don Huevo. This must-have dessert is sweet, round, and taking over social media. The dark chocolate molten cake is topped with a scoop of horchata ice cream, made from the Mexican rice drink, and served inside a hollow white chocolate dome which melts away when smothered with the warmed Negra Modelo caramel sauce.



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