Best of The Burg

Williamsburg is full of hidden treasures, and some Insta-worthy ones at that. First stop: The William Vale. This hotel may be known to have the best view of NYC, but wait, there’s more…

Du’s Donuts is a modern donut shop at The William Vale. The New-England style donuts come in all different flavors (and sizes)! Try their funky flavors like the blueberry crumble or the piña colada. Although, you can never go wrong with a classic like chocolate. Eating three mini donuts is the same as eating one normal donut, right?


Mister Dips, an air stream trailer parked at The William Vale park, is where I would like to spend the rest of my days. Forget booking a room at the hotel, can I just stay here? It was hard to choose between the mouth-watering menu choices: burgers, fries, floats, soft serve. Let me narrow it down for you… Dirty Dipped Waffles loaded in queso are a must. Who doesn’t like waffle fries drowned in queso? The Berry Gibbs takes soft serve to a whole new level. This strawberry ice cream cone is coated in a hard strawberry shell topped with nilla wafers and sweet cream. Don’t forget the frozen lemonade to wash it all down. Maybe take the stairs after this one.


Brooklyn Charm is walking distance from The William Vale (phew). Come here to experience a make-your-own jewelry heaven. But wait, before you get lost in all of the unique, fun charms, pick your chain — or 2 chainz.


xx Gal Fieri

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